《Private lesson》

This is a one-on-one lesson using the internet with a teacher at home.
It can be used when the start timing of the regular course does not match or you want to study at a faster speed.
By combining with general classes and group lessen, you will be able to overcome your weakness quickly.

《Group lesson》

This is a lesson for a small group of 2 to 3 people using the internet. Basically, two or three people apply at the same time, but if there are other students at the same level, it is possible to arrange it by JLST.

Tuition Fee

CourseTimeTuition FeeCapacity
Admission fee-16,500yen
Admission fee (Private Lesson limited)-5,500yen
Private Lesson50min3,300yen/time1 person
Group Lesson50min2,200yen/time2 to 3 people
※ The price will be charged for 1 person.
※ The text fee is required separately.