《 Our Philosophy 》

・Pursuing an outstanding educational environment by high-quality instructors and educational programs.
・Provide pleasure to learn, enjoyable to talk
・Support for the realization of student’s dream by various programs.
・Warm support for students to live richly in Tokachi.


《 Features 》

◇ Dependable Instractors ◇

Instructors with a wealth of overseas experience teach classes in an easy-to-understand manner. We believe that language can not be acquired without knowing the culture of that country. Teachers who can respect and understand the culture of the other country give students an opportunity to become interested in Japanese culture.

◇ Instruction according to the level and purpose ◇

We have set up various courses. Students with similar levels and purposes learn in the same classroom, leading to effective learning and motivation. Please contact us if you can not find the course you want, or if it does not fit in time.

◇ Focus on exercises ◇

Students will not be able to speak Japanese even if the instructor speaks unilaterally on the whiteboard. We give students the opportunity to acquire alive Japanese effectively in classes that focus on the exercises.

◇ Enjoy Japanese ◇

The more you learn, the better your Japanese will improve. We provide a fun learning environment through games using Japanese. In addition, we will do various events according to the season.

◇ Consultation system ◇

In addition to learning Japanese, we also offer consultations for troubles in life in Japan, and we can help you to live in peace and fun.

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